You need Bralan Consulting if…

  • You wish there were more hours in the day.
  • Your processes do not meet your requirements, or are not being followed.
  • The morale in your office is poor.
  • You have questions about choosing the right technology for your needs.
  • You desire a better understanding of social media and how it can benefit you.

Does your technology work for you, or do you work to use it?

Studies estimate that workers lose an average of 2.1 hours/day due to interruptions. Are you being interrupted by your technology?

Do you use the tools available today to get the edge you need over your competitors?

Your clients, and potential clients, expect a prompt response to their inquiries. They need to know that you are on the cutting edge and prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.

Yes, what you did yesterday may have worked well for you, but to stay competitive you need to change with the times, and your clients need to know that you have.

“If a CEO does not appear to be tech-savvy, people may start to wonder, ‘Is the company not plugged into today’s technologies also?’” says Stephanie Grayson, a corporate speech and media trainer based in New York. From an article published August 5, 2009 in the Wall Street Journal

This is where Bralan Consulting can help you. We teach you how to use technology as a resource so that you can be more efficient, as well as ensure that you have the right technology for your needs.


  • “Susan is highly knowledgeable about her subject and fast. But most importantly, she goes above and beyond what you’ve hired her for and is an incredible value. Not only do you get more than what you’ve paid for but she fun, fast and reliable. I could not recommend her enough.”

    Tara SeawrightOwnerTara Seawright Inc.
  • “Susan did a great job on a tight timeline with a challenging IT issue(s). I got what I need back on a timely manner without having to deal with all the tech support challenges because Susan dealt with them. I would highly recommend her.”

    Tom O’Connor
  • “Susan is a master at her craft. I brought her to my firm to increase our efficiency in using our BlackBerries, and my partners and I were thoroughly impressed. We are continuing our work with her to include better use of Outlook. All around, Susan brings great value to all who hire her.”

    Al ErdmannPartnerEisner & Lubin LLP
  • “Susan does excellent work at a reasonable cost. She also has a creative way about her that shows me how to learn the many things she is teaching me. She is also incredibly patient working with me, which is rare, since there is so much I have to learn.”

    Roni GilbertOwnerUnique Interiors
  • “When FRIA was having problems with its computer system, Susan Shapiro of Bralan Consulting responded immediately to our request for help and did an excellent job of fixing our problems with Outlook as well as training FRIA staff in how to use that program more efficiently. She also did a great job of reorganizing some of our business processes to improve overall efficiency of the organization. Ms. Shapiro is always available to answer questions and resolve technical problems and we have been very happy with her work. She has been very accommodating to our needs as a small not for profit and I highly recommend her.”

    Betti WeimersheimerExecutive DirectorFRIA, Inc.
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